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Is fishbrain pro worth it?


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IMO i wouldn’t waste your money on fishbrain pro, if you are in the area I find that often you will be able to recognise the spot through the background regardless and I know that not many people actually tag the exact location of their catch, so the function is virtually useless. Additionally a good website for knowledge and spots is this one, I’ve found I’ve got a bunch of different ideas, views, opinions, knowledge and spots just from putting the places I fish into the search engine or the species that I am targeting, you couldn’t have a better weapon at your disposal.


good luck 

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You already have the BEST website to find out what you want to know and there is a high likelihood that someone on there has fished where you are looking at going - the website ? This one of course !

I use Deckee for weather , tides and the like and Navionics for depth contours -doesn’t show all estuary systems though  .

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2 hours ago, AlbertW said:

Hi all,

Just a small question on whether i should invest in fishbrain pro or any other good websites/apps that can help me find new spots and fishing knowlege.




There are also free apps as well that will help you in many ways like the NSW DPI Fishsmart app.

Once downloaded under the rules & information tab you will find all different guides for salt & freshwater fishing which includes rigs plus all the NSW rules.

It also includes maps so your not fishing in restricted/sanctuary areas & size & bag limits to. 



The other best thing you can do as XD351 was suggesting is use the search tab on the top right of the screen, there is a wealth of knowledge in here & you can use it like a resource library.


There are also NSW DPI fishing guides available to help you out as well.


Good luck :thumbup:

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