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Broken Bay Report 3/1/06


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New to Fishraider and thought I'd get my 1st report up.

Got on the water early and proceeded to Pittwater to catch some squid. Headed to Bangalley Head before sunrise to fish the bommie for Kings, 1st up plenty of Sweep and Yellowtail. Just as the sun started to rise had a school of Tailor bust the surface and for the next 10 mins it was on for young and old, they all seemed to be in the 38-40cm range. Things went quiet for a while and then we saw a few rat Kings in the berley trail and buggers were in a fussy mood, tried everything and the old small unweighted prawn seemed to be the flavour of the morning. Between 3 of us we caught 14 Kings of which we kept 2 @ 80cm, most of the fish were @ 50cm and were all released. My 14 yr old son had a blast using his 6lb outfit and to his credit didn't drop one fish. I don't think I've ever heard a small reel work that hard :) As the sun got higher the action abruptly ended and decided to see if we could score a few pan sized Reds. Headed out to Reggies and only bait fish, tried various marks at Boultons same result then headed out wider in 60mt of water and bagged out on Chinaman Leather Jackets. The water must be cold down there for them to be around such numbers, anyway decided to call it a day. All in all great day out and just to see my son so proud and excited with his Kingi encounter really makes it special. Tight lines Spic

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Thats okay, try the eastern side of Palm beach just in from the headland or even on the western side just south of the Pill Box. As a last resort I'll always get some right at the northern end of Palm Beach, just can get a bit bumpy and need to be carefull as you need to get in close to get them here.

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I must say so far everyone seems great in that all interested in making a more pleasurable experience alround.

I've got a Savage Osprey white/blue in colour with a 90Honda, can't really miss it as I have a unique cutting board that I made looks a bit like the ones on the Quinnies painted white.

I'm so lucky my 14yr old loves fishing as well as surfing so we we have best of both worlds, if the seas are up and can't get out in the boat we hit the surf. You should of seen how proud he was when he passes his test and got his juniors boat license,, yes I'm a proud day. My younger son loves fishing but not quite comfortable outside as yet. Bit hard to get up in the morning at 3.00am :1prop: I'm quite fortunate that my dad loved fishing but mostly landbased and he's now retired and all 3 of us have a blast together thats granddad, son and grandson. What a great way to spend quality time together and catch up on things. I just hope my son doesn't loose interest as it would be great to have this as a common interest. Enough bragging all I can say that I've found that fishing has just kept us all together great experience.

I'm off on Sunday to Coffs for 2 weeks, yes 2 weeks of fishing no boat but will stick to the beaches. Will post a comprehesive report up when I get back and hopefully I'll get my digital camera so I can start posting photos with reports.



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