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Hey Raiders Again


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went fishing again yesterday morning and today ...same spot. :1fishing1:

was a ripper after the sun cleared everything around 6.30 am yesterday .result

a lot of undersized kingis and i mean a lot. went home around 11am with two good bonitos(65 blue raider)

and 1 just legal size king for the same days bbq. my mate kelvin and the miss where impressed with the

catch so no :wife: .

today different scenario: :1badmood::1badmood::1badmood: 5.15 am windy,choppy seas on a 1-1.5 m swell ,with other words ..disgusting..

went home after bakers delight in mona vale and a coffee from the servo.

hope tommorrow will be better ...

cheers all



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Good on ya mate, you fishing the ovens??

Used to love going there before i got a boat, plenty of livies for bait and a few good days with plenty of fish, but it can get crowded

the ovens is good fishing too ,however i got an 18ft too but enjoy the rocks as well.i ,most of the times are to lazy to walk from the pool to the platform on the ovens haha. on the other side some times its better because many of our asian friends :mad3: dot know much about spinning from the rocks and bath their pillis on the bottem with a 6 stone sinker...not my thing ...so i rather go to the ovens when to many cars are parked on the whaly road.

cheers tom :1prop:

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Unlucky mate but for the Kings the rats seem to be the only Kings around even salmon and bonito are all small Biggies will come and the patient ones like you will take home the Goods,and fill the bbq...KEEP FISHING :1fishing1:

Put out a live salmon or bonito you will soon find the resident KINGFISH :1yikes::074::074:

Cheers Stewy

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