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Christmas Fishing

Blood Knot

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Happy New Year Fishraiders

Spent Xmas up at Shoalbay - first morning flicking soft plastics around Little Beach and got a nice flattie 55cm (worked hard for him, nothing for the first 2 hours). Good start to the hols & scarpered back to the cabin and though him in the esky, feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Bought a few live worms that arvo and spent the next morning driving around a few spots trying for whiting off the beaches and bays. Got the good oil from a Kayak hire guy “try the bay west of the mangroves on the sand flats at Salamander bay ” he said. Got striped of baits heaps of times but managed 3 legal whiting till the dreaded phone call from the wife (needed to shop more than I needed to fish). Worms are amazing things they look pretty solid and then they turn to mush as you put them on the hook, any way great bait for whiting.

Finally got clearance to put the boat in so headed down the southern shoreline of Port Stephens drifting bait along the bottom and thrashing the water with soft plastics for flatties. No bloody luck, caught plenty of undersize fish - bream, whiting, snapper, trevally and 1 pike.

Had enough of this and took off back to Shoal Bay anchored up a couple hundred meters off the Country Club. Cut a couple of baits off the pike and tossed them over on a little 6Kg spin rod. Caught 3 Banjo sharks about a 100cm long. Most entertaining fishing of the day, but could have hoped for something better.

Curiously was using a size 1 baitholder hook and broke 2 out of three of them when trying to remove the hooks from the Banjo’s with pliers. Broke through where the barbs are gashed into the shank. Anyone else had this happen ?

Did not get the opportunity to get outside in my boat but apparently some Marlin are being caught outside and saw a few nice boxes of snapper (ex Broughton Island) on the cutting table at the boat ramp.

Any way hope the post provide a little insight for any Raiders heading up that way.


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Nice report there John ,I hope you enjoyed your holidays :thumbup: Happy New Year as well

Cheers Swordfisherman

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Hi Blood Knot,

I have been up that way for the past week with limited access to a boat.

Little was caught from the boat even though we trolled and drifted etc near the heads. The kids had great fun pulling in a few Shovel Nose sharks and rays using Yakka fillets when we drifted 100m off Little Beach. We even had a Ray jump out of the water for us.. Hmm interesting.

Plenty of Whiting around Little Beach and Shoal Bay from the shore. Also fished Boat Harbour from the shore and caught Garfish, Pike and a massive Sergeant Baker on Crab. Chucked a few livies out off the rocks but no hook ups. Just a few tell tale grabs from the squid but they did not respond to the jigs. I even tried a strip of fish fillet attached to the jig on a flaot... no response.

I have had the same problem with hooks breaking as they have been held with the pliers... no not the side cutters guys.

I am fishing the Hawkesbury early tomorrow with my mate on his boat, so hopefully a good report to come tomorrow.

Take care


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