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Setup advice for Shimano Cranx 4-7kg

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Hi Guys

Looking for some advice on what reel to pair my shimano cranx 4-7kg rod with. I have 3 spinning reels, a 2000, 2500 and a 4000. The last reel is brand new and was a shameful impulse buy.

Am i better off putting the 2000 or 2500 on the cranx compared to the 4000 and run 8 or 10lb braid to keep it as light as possible or is the 4000 paired with it a reasonable option?

Target species are what you all seem to call bread and butter. I am using pretty much only soft plastics ( 98% of the time) and i fish along the hawksbury river or a bit further up the coast.

disclaimer: I am very new to fishing.

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