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Advice on Kayak launching spots on the nepean


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Hi Guys

Looking to take the yak out over the weekend to hit up some bass (I have bass fever at the moment)

I can see the boat ramp at Tench reserve but not a lot else.... This part of the river looks really wide and busy, I was hoping for some skinnier water but the kayak I have isnt small (Passport 12) so I kind of need a ramp. Is this the only boat ramp there is in that area? I fish south creek windsor last weekend but theres wasnt much action so Im hoping the nepean can produce. I appreciate some people may not want to give out there spots, Im just looking for some general guidance, any other places I can launch from?

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11 minutes ago, motiondave said:

@Smobaby might be able to advise, but Ive also been to Tench Reserve boat ramp a few times, I dont see why you could not launch a kayak there, just wait a tick for boats and jetskis to move if need be. People are pretty good around there.

Yeah, I have no issues with launching from there. I just thought it was a bit odd to only have one spot listed when its such a huge system. I knew there must be more. Had an inbox with some good tips. So thanks again guys. 

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If you want to fish upstream tench reserve is your best option you can use the old boat ramp perfect for kayak launching. Devlins lane is the other side of the weir also Yarramundi still can be good fishing but this time of year the fish have migrated upstream. If you get in early you will miss all the ski boats and JetSki folk.

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