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The Sport of Kings


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Gday raiders, headed out of port hacking on Thursday for a fish - a mate wanted to have a go at south Sydney Fad.

Although the weather was showing wind out there, we both decided to ride our ski’s out and have a look.

Arrived at the Fad around 8-9am - only a couple of boats out there - was very choppy and current was strong. After a few passes, decided to head back in. 

hit the cliffs chasing snapper and kings instead.

only one legal pinkie, couldn’t get the bait down without getting smashed by a school of kings. Spent the next few hours bringing up king after king. Must of landed around 10+ fish and arms were starting to get really tired. Most were around 50-60, with a couple just over legal - and a few babies tossed in. A couple of monster hits as well - but cut me off. Mate took 2 home, I released all fish but the pinkie.

Heres a vid of some of the fish caught - just purchased the GoPro the day before - first time using it and first time putting together a vid - so be kind. music is just stock go pro filler.

after the king action, decided to hit up some squid - managed a couple of giants - no vid though as battery died.

Here’s the pics - 2 squids over 60cm - fought hard for a squid!



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6 hours ago, Isaac Ct said:

Nice looking feed there Larkin, well done.

Quite impressive considering you have a Jetski, not as much room to move around as a boat.

Thanks Isaac, was happy with the squid.

gotta work with the limited space, but has its benefits - can handle some rougher conditions

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8 hours ago, Rebel said:

Great haul.

Well done.

Top photos.

Thanks Rebel - was one of those days where the fish were on.

2 hours ago, Pickles said:

top work @Larkin Some really good green eyes there. A great day on the water. (I think you did in the wrong order squid for Kingie bait, then fish for Kingies.)

Thanks pickles - wasn’t planning to go for kings, but a school took up residence underneath us for a few hours. 

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2 hours ago, big Neil said:

Great day on the water Larkin. What gear were you using on the Kingfish? What software did you use to edit your video?

Cheers, bn

Hi Neil,

I had 4 rods, the 2 in the video were a shimano grappler type LJ (light jig) in pe2 with a stradic Ci4 4000 20lb j braid 5/0 hook. The other is a shimano Game type J pe3 rod, Stella 6000 spooled with saltiga 12 braid in pe3 7/0 hook.

The rods I use are shorter (around 6 foot) jigging rods. They are light, flexible with power & can still cast ok. Need short rods on a ski. All reels have to be well sealed as they get wet with spray all day - I use reel covers when travelling, but they still get soaked.

I used the GoPro “Quik” app to edit. Just did it on my phone. It’s not the best - but as it’s name implies it’s quick. 

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8 hours ago, Scratchie said:

Nice work on the fish and squid. The video definitely shows the difficulty of landing a fish on a ski. But you can get closer and tighter in a ski than a boat. Well done 👍 

cheers scratchie!!! 

Thanks mate.

Haha, was struggling on that first one

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