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Jervis Bay 3rd -6th January


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Gidday all,still recovering from drinking to much beer and eating to much food!,oh and a little fishing.I got down last tuesday morning to be faced with a strong wind warning and a filthy southerley that was going to pump for the next four days.We did manage to play around the heads of jervis bay for a day and caught aproximately 50+ king fish,only of which seven were legal.they were a little prolific and we had a ball with playing around with them.They really are like little puppys,taking absouletutely everything in the tackle box,this also allowed me to engage in working out some old techniques that made things a little frantic aboard my mate Grants new boat.

We also had a morning session at Currarong at the bombies there and even had my mate pick up a three kilo red on a squid strip on his downrigging gear,this was on top of the 30 odd kings that had come out to play.

the rest of the time was spent sitting around talking about fish and drinking crownys.

One technique that is not so new but works is that we would troll with squid on the downrigger until the school is located,we were using 24kg as there was some XOS (read 20kg + models shadowing the rats).We also had a Large livebait bridled on the surface which we were hoping to get the big fellas on,however the smaller versions had big eyes and pestered the livey until it was scoffed by a slightly bigger version that could actually fit a yakka /cownyoung down its gob.The fish is brought up to the boat and we keep it on a short tether and of course all his mates are hanging around trying to get a bit of the action.Then it was a case of dropiing over a strip of squid/soft plastic/popper/chrome /shiny hook and amking it look interesting.The best lure was a little blooper that was in a $1.00 barrel,they just loved it to death!.

Ideally we would drop the pick and then see who could catch and realease more.The fish only bit on 1hr either side of the tide and then would just shut down till next time.Squid was the main key ,and boy do they love that stuff!!.

We didnt get to go to the canyons as it was to rough,with a 2.5-3m sea /swell pumping,next time!!.

Anyway I get to go out next week and have a crack off longreef!



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