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Mackerel trolling - Point Plommer


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Hi all,

Been trolling for Spanish and Spotted Mackerel lately in Barries Bay with mixed success. I often slow troll a few livies off each corner and a deep diving lure in the middle and closer to the boat.

Do people find trolling lures or livies more successful? Would i be better just trolling 3 lures?

Should i be using a wire trace or would a heavy fluoro leader get more strikes?

Interested to know what other raiders have found most successful.


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Greetings Phil, I fish further south than your location and find no success with lures at all for those two. Only livies. I have also stopped using wire in front for livies which i believe gives a better hook up rate.

My biggest issue is the TAX MAN. Last year was a donut thanks to Tax!! This year have not been out (yet).

Further north past Coffs the lures seem to work but I think they are too educated when they get to us.

You might try lighter wire if you are having issues. Especially for the Spotties.

Try some stick baits while yoou are slow trolling.

Good Luck, Hoods

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