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Botany Bay 7/1


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Was on the water before 5am in blowly conditions but my mate Jim can only get to fish on weekends so we soldiered on. Our first stop were the usual bait grounds but the yakkas were very hard to come by but not the sweep and maido’s, so took a run around to Yarra Bay and found some bait there in a ½ hour to 40 minutes we had enough bait to have a shot at the kings, as Brian reported anchoring at molineaux point wasn’t easy we had the anchor pull a couple of times but eventually we got the pick to hold over the next couple of hours the action was fairly consistent we boated 4 kings the best going 57cm lost 6 more to various reasons including being smashed up on 10kg :biggrin2: had lots of bait get hit but not fully taken and came back crushed & scaled :( , near low tide the bite shut down so I started throwing a 6inch sluggo around on 2kg and had 2 hook ups got busted up once and had the hook on the other pull just out of net range :( then every thing just shut down completely and the wind increased from a 15 knot south easterly to a 25 knot nor easterly and things were getting pretty sloppy so we decided to pull the pin as we were heading to the port botany ramp we saw some tailor working, grabbing a couple of flick sticks and 10 gram raiders we set off on the hunt first cast double hook up I got bit off but Jim got a 40cm tailor, then Jim got bit off and guess what no more 10 gram lures 20 gram was our next smallest over the next 2 hours we chased the tailor all over foreshore drive area for only 1 more tailor. The tailor were feeding on 1 inch white bait and were not much interested in anything else, just shows the importance of matching the hatch. Up to this time I still hadn’t caught a legal size fish so I was getting a bit antsy, I had a small bibless minnow but wasn’t to keen on losing a $13 lure on a tailor but I wasn’t going home fishless and on the first cast instant hook up :thumbup: a nice fish of 35cm and would you believe it the tailor disappeared, not an overly productive day with only 3 keepers but still a great day on the bay. :biggrin2::thumbup:

first king of the day


40cm tailor


tailor caught on bibless monnow


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G'day Chris

It was a great day and after so many attempts I finally got my first legal Kingy. :yahoo:

After we chased the tailor we headed over for some whiting and the whiting were as thick as thieves and it was a case of "throw out the line and you're on". The good thing was that there were no reddies amongst them either. :1yikes::thumbup:



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