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Outnumbered and myself hit the water at around 5am. The plan was to trawl surface lures aroung molonex point in serach of kings but there were to many boat around to make it productive. We headed outside and trawled south.

We started the day with a double hookup and boated 2 kings after doing a deck dance and the boat doing 2 360s wich toataly tangled the 2 other lines wich got wrapped around the prop :( At least we got the lures back we continued south and scored another then we headed north towards yellow rock. The conditions were very sloppy but we boated 5 more along the way with a few missed strikes to keep it exciting.

Along the way I started casting a small white sluggo at the washline and as we came up to some suds I cast in the thick of it and let the sluggo sink. 4 cranks of the reel and i was on,I was only using bream gear but I had landed kings on the same reel in the past I got well and truly smocked and busted off on the reef it was great.

I had to start work at midday so we pulled the pin at about 10 as there were still heaps of boats at the point

on our way back inside. :05:

Kings were caught on Sunami paddle tails, Sunami curl tails and a diver Brian has been dieing to catch a kingy on for ages it was orange great looking lure.

The kings made for a fantastic morning Thanks again Brian for the invite I had a ball as usual :thumbup:

Sorry no picks Brian camera is playing up and if I take one I dont catch fish. :biggrin2:

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