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Hey all, went out today for a picnic with the family to cliffo and whilst there decided to see if any squid was around, caught 3 squid off the wharf and got permission from the wife to go out in the boat for an hour to see if i could get me some kings.

Went to the wedding cake closest to cliffo and got 3 kings, 62cm, 71cm and 74cm. Got these three within 10 minutes. Have added a pic but sorry about the quality as it was taken by a phone.

There is plenty of kings in the harbour at the moment, if i had 10 squid i am positive i would have got 10 hook ups. Am going out tommorow so hope fully will have some more reports then.

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how deep is it at the wedding cakes and whats the easiest way to find it??also are un-fresh squidheads alrite for kings in the harbour and how is it on live yakkas?


It is ranging between 7 to 13 metres deep at the wedding cakes, They are the 2 light house towers just before sow and pigs, one is just out from Clifton Gardens and the other is just out from watsons bay.

I have tried squid bought from fishmarkets and bait shops and they never get hit, my mate caught a king last year on baitshop squid but i think that is a rare occurence. Also Yakkas are not very effective either, even though you have more chance with yakkas than bait shop squid compared to freshly caught squid or live squid yakkas are absolutely crap.

I constantly see fishos using yakkas without a hit, Yakkas are great for offshore kings and seem to work well outside, but in the harbour self caught squid is the only way to go.

Even sluggos dont get hit anymore, 2 seasons ago i caught so many kings on sluggos but last season and this season have been completely different to the summer of 03/04, sluggo's are not working. You will hear about fishos getting many kings with minnows or skirts but most of them are absolute rats, and i mean rats, i caught 13 kings on boxing day at jervis bay on minnows and the largest was 49cm and i have a mate who regulary using lures for kings and can only land rats around 55cm.

the best thing i can tell anyone is to master getting squid and don't be lazy, work at it and trust me the kings will follow.

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