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Port hacking 5/4


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Started out at the hacking at 6am.

Pumped some nipper dogs. 
straight to Lilly pilly drop off to try our luck. Caught a cracka trevally at 55cm And a lot of pinkies. 
only a short 6 hour session. First time fishing the hacking. We missed the run out tide but got some dinner so we happy! :) 
mid anyone has some hacking tips, please post or message! I love trevally 🤤


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Nice Trev, well done!

around the moored boats in the deep water near the baths you’ll get kings as well as other species - anchor and burley up.

Fish with nippers on the sand flats at lillypilly, maianbar and Gunnamatta bay and entrance into grays point & you’ll get some good whiting, bream and some flatties along the drop offs.

Can troll livies or lures and work the Chanel’s into Gunnamatta bay, along to burraneer bay and the main Chanel into south west arm for salmon,tailor, kings

No fishing at ship rock (named after the ship shaped rock in the reserve) at the entrance to burraneer bay - look it up - aquatic reserve.

Try switching up your bait - salted fish strips work well. And drifting live poddy mullet along the sand flat drop offs work really well on the flatties. Can catch poddies around grays point boat ramp. Yakkas around Wally’s wharf and Gunnamatta wharf. 

on flat days if you have a capable boat can drift bate bay for flatties using a paternoster rig.

the hacking can be a difficult area to fish, until you work what areas fish best at certain times of the year.

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