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A quick introduction

Max Power

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G’day everyone, 

I have been a member here for a while now and have enjoyed living vicariously through all of the information and great stories.

Having permanently relocated to Port Stephens, I thought it  about time I took the step of posting an intro.

Hopefully I will have something to contribute in the way of photos and yarns and I’m sure I will have a few questions to ask as well.

Thanks for having me and I look forward to participating in this great forum  😎

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:1welcomeani: @Max Power!

There’s a few Port Stephens experts on this community. If you’ve been reading the site for a while, you’ll know that fellow mod @Scratchie is famous, but @Berleyguts seems to find a few…whenever he can find a way to escape household duties! No doubt in time, you will become one too! There’s others who can help as well, but start by reading their posts.

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Hi everyone and thank you for your welcomes!

This sure is a great forum and I certainly hope to catch up with a few of the local legends out and about.

@Scratchie I mix up what type of fishing I do and lately have been really getting into the soft plastic side of things.

I have a small tinnie that doesn’t get much use but I’m hoping to change that. Also I head out with mates on their bigger boats chasing snapper etc and have even hooked a black marlin on skirted lures. It was a very brief fight haha with the fish winning.

@Little_Flatty i will most definitely be reading up on all those posts and trying to learn as much as I can!

Thanks again everyone, tight lines and hope you are all having a great weekend!

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