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Self maintenance and servicing on reels


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Hi guys, I had a question on servicing and maintenance on reels.

My story goes I bought a Shimano Twinpower and Stradic FL from Japan and i've heard we don't service reels bought outside of our country.

I'd like to know if its safe to go ahead pulling apart my own reels and cleaning them up, as i've never tried so myself. Of course I will read some guides and watch videos but at the same time im not skilled with this sort of stuff so im afraid to damage any sensitive parts to the reel itself.

Any advice will be appreciated,

Thank you!

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Reels are fairly simple to maintain, I think there a few previous threads about this. There's not much to them, make sure you have a nice clean, well lit work area, have all tools on hand, I have, long nose pliers, a small shifter, philips and flat head screw drivers in a couple of sizes, plus I have some Dentists tweezers and picks that come in handy. For cleaning, an ice cream container, a toothbrush and some nice clean rags, an old syringe with suitable oil and a small container of suitable grease, plus a couple of small containers to keep parts in. If you are not such a great "mechanic" take lots of photos as you go.

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Almost any decent tackle shop does reel repairs, (not the supermarket/chain store types)  but if you are in any way slightly mechanically minded it's not that hard and only requires basic tools. I do mine on one of those plastic fold up tables and a chair, set it up with the garage door open (for good light) and make a day if it, doing reels and generally "fixing" fishing stuff.

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