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Dalmeny Easter

Ganguddy Goodoo

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I'm staying down Dalmeny way over Easter. Any suggestions for beach/estuary/rock fishing would be much appreciated. I have a yak and would be prepared to drive a little way if there is a particularly good area nearby (ie quiet and pretty estuary). Not fussed what species ... can fish anything from 6lb to 30lb. Happy flicking lures or drowning bait. Can I still get nippers/pipis this time of year?

I'll also be staying with 3 boys aged 9-12 who would be up for a fish for half a day. Is there something that would suit them? I'd even consider a charter for them if there was a reasonable chance of success. Last time I took them out on a friend's boat they had a good time but it was cut short by sea sickness.

I've had a reasonable go at the Fishraider search function looking at Narooma/Dalmeny but all the info seems to relate to summer.



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This may or may not be of any use to you GG. I had an uncle who lived there and he took me out into a lake which was near to town, in a small tinny. There was a post out in the water and we caught hundreds of Leatherjackets, two at a time using small bits of shop bought prawns on a double paternoster rig. The lake is not terribly deep and would be ideal for kayak fishing. No doubt there would be Flathead and Bream in there.

I have just checked the map and it appears to be called Mummuga Lake.

Additionally there are charter operators operating from Narooma. I went out on one a few times and we caught fish though nothing massive from memory. The bar there is renowned for being difficult but charter operators are using it all the time.

I hope some of this info is of use. Beach fishing is always a good option for the usual species. Good luck mate, bn

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23 hours ago, big Neil said:


I hope some of this info is of use.

Thanks bN every bit of info helps. I might try and squeeze in a session on Mummuga and Wagonga while I'm down there.

13 hours ago, Green Hornet said:

'm a little north of Dalmeny and at the moment there's a good run of tailor and salmon off the beaches. I don't see why it would be any different down there.

Thanks GH I will go and look for some gutters between Dalmeny and Bar Beach. It looks like at the end of this year I'll also be living part time down that way so I will have plenty of time to explore.

Cheers guys.

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