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Good Friday fish Bate Bay


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Early start 06.00 from Gunnamatta Bay with a old mate who wanted to chase some flatheads. What a morning fish busting up everywhere decide to troll a lure behind the boat on the way out to the 40m line which resulted in two Bonitos for the next 5 hrs spent drifting from the 40m to 70m lines to catch our bag limit.I was using plastics gulps on a paternoster rig and my mate was using frozen squid on paternoster rig, plastics came out on top. On one retrieve had a Bonito take the sinker and he didn’t let go until he was in the boat it was a first to catch a bonito without a hook. Great day had by all


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Well done on the blue spots!
Was waiting for your report after seeing you at the ramp this morning.

Bonnie’s were busting up everywhere today, they were feeding on pilchards inside the hacking. 

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