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Shaolhaven 3/1/05 & Ic 9/1/06


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Getting a little low on SP's and Jig Heads after my week in Shoalhaven Heads.

Went out on a boat for a session with 3x bait fishos and me with the SP's. I managed most keeper lizards with 2nd and 3rd biggest fish - 2x solid (45 & 50cm) lizards.

Biggest lizard went 55cm (bait fisho).

Got a feed with 10 in total between the 4 of us ranging 35cm - 55cm.

Anyway back in Sydney for a land based crack at IC this morning 9/1/06 for the first 2006 session. Arrived 6.30am and had a few showers during the session which finished at 7.45am. Managed a baby 30cm lizard early in the session on a tructy poo eater then delving through the SP collection I dusted off a softie that I had not swam for a while and produced a solid 57cm lizard taken in close 2M from shore. Fish was in very good condition - broad across the back.

Sorry NO Pics - Phone Camera battery was flat and did not have phone on boat.

Can't wait to visit the tackle store and re-stock on SP's and Jig Heads.

PS - How has the Lane Cove (Fig Tree) been fishing for lizards - is there any plans for a Jan 2006 early morning social.

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