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Iron Cove

Blood Knot

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Hi Fishraiders –

Fished Iron Cove for an hour this afternoon, on the way home from work. Caught 1 nice flatty about 50cm. Made a meal of releasing him. Bugger did most of his best fighting on land. Flappin round that much I managed to drop my rod across some sort of grass plant that grows around the edge of the bay. This stuff has some sort of seed pod or dried flower (do live plants have dried flowers?) that attaches itself to braid like the proverbial sh*t to a blanket.

So have got the flatty gripped by the mouth (thumb now bleeding) and then to compound things managed to hook myself in the trouser cuff with the jig head. Finally flicked the flatty back in, poor bugger landed half way down the sandstone embankment, but swam off OK. Left me surrounded with some curious bystanders who watched me pruning the sea side vegetation with my braid scissors whilst hobbled to the bussines end of the Loomis.

Finally dignity regained , caught 1 more smallish flatty and missed 2 others good size close to shore (new prescription Polaroid’s sure help you see the follows) .

Saw also a few bream in close, don’t think they were interested in the vintage 4” yellow Mr Twister single tail that was exciting the flatties.


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:074: I had visions of you as Don Burke pruning the vegetation and some of the GREENIES running over and wacking you with a broom handle :1crybaby:

Cheers Swordfisherman

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