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7 T in 30 minutes


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Went for a short session started at 2pm and left at 4pm to avoid the traffic!


armed with fresh school prawns and a bucket of burley, started my Hurley trap while I was setting up my rod. First cast and I was on!!! Bang, while I was reeling in my fish, I continued my burley,  and while removing the hook I continued my burley again!😂 hook out 2nd cast! And bang!! I was on!!! Anyone it was fish after fish, it stopped at 7 fish, for the next hour baby snapper came!!! Boring. Just 15 min before I call it a day!! Massive hit and Bang!!! Took off like a train. A Kingie.

fought for about 5min and had it almost to the surface and the guy next to me hand his net out, and say tire it out, tired it out!! So I gave it another chance to run around!! And I regret it! It went straight down the edge where I was standing…. The line was stuck.. and pop it goes…🥲🥲


next time it’s gonna be fast and furious. 8 lb line doing the damage


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4 hours ago, Little_Flatty said:

Nice one @papafish! It's funny that often you catch most of your bag in a very short period of time. Shame about the king, it would have been a nice addition to the bag if it was legal.

Was this in the harbour, the bay or the hacking?

Harbour land based. Was at gunamatta bay last week n it was dead😂


3 hours ago, Larkin said:

Well done on the feed. Must of hit a school of them! Good fun 

Funny thing is I don’t eat fish much and I gave them all away I love squid but I can’t catch anyFunny thing is I don’t eat fish much and I gave them all away I love squid but I can’t catch any

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