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King's Off Toothbrush.


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Went for a fish off Toothbrush Island "Port Kembla" yesterday, did'nt get out until late 9.00am. :wife::wife: The water in close to the harbour was quite dirty, but out around the Islands was a brilliant blue, headed to the seaward side of the island to troll a couple of lures throught the wash and over the gutters, tried hard bodies first with a couple of passes with no luck, then switched to pink and white skirts 100ml pink skirt and 75ml white on the second rod, on the second pass over the gutter the pink skirt got hit like a tonne of bricks, the penn was screaming, a few minutes later I landed my first king in twenty years a nice 65cm speciman. :thumbup::thumbup::yahoo: After getting him off the hook I picked up the second rod as I was not moving idid'nt want the other lure to get snagged on the reef, I ripped it up off the bottom when it got smashed as well, another king, but this time only 48cm, :thumbup:

got two others undersized called it a day at 12.30pm. Had totaly forgotten how well these fish go when hooked, cant wait to get out again, had a late start to the day but a great day on the water. :biggrin2:

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Sounds as though you really enjoyed yourself. Long time between kingfish 20 years. Hope you get among them a little more often.

Keep those reports comming and post a few pics.



G,day Martin.

Yes it has been a long time between drinks " too much time at work" took on a new job a couple of years ago bought myself a boat and nyes am really enjoying getting back out on the water. I try to get out every Wednesday weather permitting :wife::wife: and at least one day on the weekend every fortnight. :fisher:

Will post some pics if I ever remember to take the camera along. :blush:

Catch you soon, Lew.

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