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93cm Kayak Jewfish


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Set off before sunrise from Berowra Waters boat ramp. Thick fog for the first couple of hours with visibility down to 50 meters or so. Fortunately just the local traffic on the water but I kept tight on the shore just in case some one didn't know what safe speed meant and couldn't read the 4 knot signs.

First stop Joe Crafts Bay and by mid morning the fog had cleared and my live bait tank was full with 4 mullet around the 25cm mark and another 6 smaller specimens from my bait trap. Mullet are a perfect bait for kayak fishing. All of the predatory fish in the estuary seem to be partial to them , they are available pretty much all year round and they survive all day in a make shift live bait tank. 

Didn't get to Bar Point until midday which gave me a couple of hours for fishing close to low water slack. I was fishing with my big mullet on an 8/0 double hook rig , close to the bottom , with a heavy sinker.

After a recent epiphany I've been focusing on rocky areas close to the shore where an ambush feeder can hole up and wait for dinner to come to him. The locations are hard on tackle and I find myself frequently having to replace chafed mono.

I got 2 good hits and short runs in the first hour but on both occasions the fish missed the hooks and all I had to show were chewed up baits. For the third hit I was on a slow drift with the last gasp of the ebb , water depth 5 meters. Third time lucky , a solid hook up , and after a good fight a feisty 93cm jewfish in the hatch.

Stopped off at the Twin Beaches on the way back for a couple of quick pictures and a celebratory cup of tea.


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