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Saturday arvo session around north harbour


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I grabbed my daughter from her gymnastics session Saturday arvo and headed to north harbour area for a fish. 

She didn't want to fish but wanted to be my chief net person. 

I packed my bream rod in the car with some plastics and we got down there about 5 pm, which was perfect as the tide had pushed in and was high/

There was a fair amount of fish activity happening in the water. I started at the right hand of the bank and cast out with a 2.5 inch grub on and cast out catching a nice flattie.

We continued to work our way left getting plenty of hit but no hook ups( possibly changing to a bigger hook may have helped). Half way over I changed up to a 2.5 inch minnow and cast out, before i had the lure hit the bottom, BAM I am onto something decent thats fighting hard. After a bit of a fight we pull in a 48-50 cm trevally and take a photo before sending the trev back in. 

During this time we both notice a heap of fish running hard under the bank along the shore ( maybe tailor).

I cast out again and pull a nice chunky bream in that puts on a good fight but I lose it to off the hook as pull it up out of the water. Two more casts and I hook and angry bream that runs me under the rocks under the bank.

I had a fun little  session, stoked with landing that trevally on light gear (1-4 kg rod, 2000 reel, 6 lb braid, 8 lb leader) and even better to share it with my daughter

A couple of learnings for next time, I was on size 2 jigheads maybe size 1 would have resulted in a few more solid hook ups. I'd love to hear peoples thoughts on this.


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chunky trev! good job mate.

not necessarily does a bigger hook hook up more fish. I guees that trying out different options is the best strategy, because sometimes the fish are really picky.

asking some of the more experienced raiders may result in a few answers as well

good luck


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Nice trev pity you missed the bream but a least you  were fishing hope your daughter enjoyed it . In that area some of the hits could be squid  also a lot of small squire. I would try a lighter jig 1/8th  2/0 I also think what you were using was pretty effective, keep casting :)


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