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The Old New Tinny gets a New New engine.


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After a first foray a few weeks ago with the 8HP Merc from Roseville to Grotto point - it took 4 beers and 1 packet of nobby's nibbles for my northern boat co -sponsor and I to decide that the old tinny deserved to go faster. To deny this was a possible slap in the face to the tinny gods. With anything weight loss related being long ruled out as a means to achieve speed more power was the only answer.  A trip to the dealership resulted in a 15HP  Parsun falling in the back of the car. Back at home seemingly watertight justifications along the lines of  "We've got a voucher !" and "We can go and come back faster " were all met with the usual deeply knowing looks and arched eyebrows.

Still like two kids on Christmas morning said new engine was unboxed amidst a flurry of polystyrene and cardboard only to find that the cowling looked like it had taken a stray 50mm round somewhere between Beijing and Menai. Oaths were uttered but a rapid turnaround from our supplier ensured that a day or two later a new cowling was installed. The engine was seated upon the transom of the tinny with care. Local dads appeared out of the woodwork to witness the engine start, casting anxious side glances at the beer fridge which was duly opened to mark the occasion.  

A chirpy soul draw parallels between the new engine and the results of an over enthusiastic plastic surgery. This comment prompted a quiet concern however a test run on sunset proved that a new lease of life had indeed been provided to the old girl and, as we worked in the engine,  plane was found on half throttle. Happy days.

A trip down the Parramatta river towards Clarkes Point followed in a howling southerly. On the way, facts recently acquired out of necessity to pass the NSW boating test were re-spun in the guise of long held knowledge. Lines were cast - simple running sinker rigs with prawn as bait. Small pink snapper immediately responded to the dinner bell and were released, a nice flathead followed and lastly, a large yakka was caught and enthusiastically re-introduced to the water as live bait. Within minutes the rod was bending hard sadly at the same time as I was attending to a tricky call of nature involving the bailer and some unfortunate ferry wash, prompting much laughter. Sadly it quickly became apparent that whatever leviathan had taken the bait had also managed to wrap the line round something submerged and immovable, the inevitable twang of doom followed. In the following moments it was offered that the line may have simply wrapped itself round the offending structure without the assistance of a kingfish or similar trophy. This notion was dismissed as being too "boring" and was happily set aside along with the re-discovery of two beers in the emergency bag. Morale restored the tiller was pushed towards home after another fun afternoon. 


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  • Yorkster changed the title to The Old New Tinny gets a New New engine.

All Hail the Fishing Gods for a successful sojourn into the soulful search of Fish, albeit with the (as usual) dubiuos support of said "better" halfs of ye who have no faith. 

How good is life with a new and faster Donk!! The world is you're oyster. Now go forth and catch more fish

Don't forget to post the results on Fishraider - or the "better halves" will take your petrol money and spend it on take away fish 'n' chips.

Looking forward to the next report.

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Aah quite the bard Yorkster. I thoroughly enjoyed your very descriptive  rendition of the overall experience. I trust you will put the newly acquired motor to good use as you hurtle around the harbour in pursuit of the "one that got away"

Good luck, any new acquisition to the fishing armoury is a good acquisition in my books.

Cheers, bn

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