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Georges River 11/1/06


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took the :wife: out on the georges today, got out a bit late and as soon as we launched the wind kicked up something fierce :1badmood: .as the :wife: has a delicate stomach we were limited to the quiet areas and had very limited success,2 small bream and 2 small flatties, all returned.could not believe how many boats and craft were out on a wednesday.called it a day at 130 just before the lighting storm hit, started to put the boat on the trailer and the electric winch decides not to work :05: so ok grab the crappy crank handle they give you and within 4 turns its stripped :05::05: luckily had a shifter in the car and had no more dramas.

ps all fish caught just downstream of lugarno on prawns and slimys

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Guest maraudingmado

go lugarno (where i live) woo hoo

I used to fish Lugarno quite a few times. Unfortunately it just doesn't seem to produce much anymore. :(

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Hi fellow anglers have been viewing posts for a while now but this is the first time that i have replied to a post but after the trip i had last night i thought that i would share it for a laugh.

Hadn't taken the boat out for a while so i thought i would take it out on the river yesterday afternoon as the day was hot and work was slow. Checked the tides and thought maybe a chance for a jew. Took the boat out of the garage (the museum) as the boat spends nearly all its days in there and did all the prep work and most important made sure the johnno fired up and was running ok.

Well thats where it all started ( i should have listened to the signs and stayed home) motor was running rough as guts so fiddled around with it for a while and not much better. Determined to go out rang mechanic and he said bring it around and i will have a look. Off i went and after a quick analysis and a quick spray to the carbs she was like a dream.

In the meantime the southerly that was forcast was starting to kick in. I gave it another thought and the determination got the better of me and so off i went. Got to boat ramp launched the boat weighed up my options according to weather and settled to head for the moons around lugarno.

Well not even half way there the johnno says mate i warned you but to its credit didnt leave me for dead. Kept at it at just above iddle speed but thought to far to go with motor playing up so settled at a good deep hole around jewfish point in about 10m of water set the lines including the bream gear. Sat there for around 1hr and didnt even turn a reel. Bait was coming back just as when it went in. Picked up anchor just as the weather was turning even for the worst with the rain coming in. Idled back down river to make a last desperate stop around the como bridge. Again anchored up under the bridge as the rain was quite heavy but in a good hole but same result ZIPPO !!!! Got absolutely drenched, took back all the bait i came in with as not one bait even got a scrape let alone a bight. Got back to ramp loaded the boat on the trailer with the winch not winding in straight on the reel but not major problem. Got home unloaded the gear and the wife had a good laugh with the i told you so comment to follow. Anyways i guess they all go down as stories to tell over a few cold ones. Next time i will listen to the johnno when it speaks to me again. :05:

I enjoy all the reports posted and keep them coming especially for the jews and kings. Tight lines and will keep on posting in the future.

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Hard luck mate its a shame coco has gone quiet I was thinking of going for a spin tonight but I think I will give it a miss :1welcomeani: to the site by the way

Geez Sharky I hope crazyfisherdude doesnt see your coco lossil :074:

Cheers Stewy

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