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Land Based Session


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Hey all,

Hows this rain? it's bucketting down over this way. Started an after work fish at 6:30pm. Fished five dock bay around the boat ramp. Had a massive tail wind flinging my casts over the water, caught a 25cm bream and a 30cm flattie.

Then the heavens opened and I got soaked. Was a fun session.



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Nice work there Paul. :biggrin2: What did you get them on?

I was planning to go for an evening spin session to see if I could tempt a harbour jew, but the southerly change

dashed my efforts. It's a shame cause I reckon I could have gotten permission from the :wife: tonight too!

Damn this weather! :ranting2:



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Hi Shane,

I caught both on a 3" power minnow in bloodworm colour, fished on a 1/16th jighead. THe bream hit the plastic straight away, as they often do when you cast at the right spot.

Same lure for the flattie.

Ronald, no worries, it was a pretty quiet session anyway but I did get something out of it....a flattie spike in my finger :074:

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