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Ic Yest Evo


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Headed to IC near rodds pt yest evo ....

had about 3 "big" hit but missed .... plenty of smaller hits.

caught only 1, just undersized flatty .... which went back in.

Only my 4th time fishing plastics.... still trying to figure out what retrieve to do.

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figuring out what retrieve is half the fun. I have found at IC that a really slow retrieve with a couple of rod twitches every 2 -3 cranks of the handle works best.

Other methods that have worked are continually shaking the rod tip as you retrieve slowl and lifting the rod tip and then dropping it every couple of winds of the handle. A short pause of 5 seconds or so during retrieve then a short jerk on the fishing rod and start retrieve again can have positive effects as well.

But change what you are doing if you get no result.



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