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Yamaha 4 S O/b Motor Elect. Fault


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After 2 years of faultless performance my F40 BET has developed an

intermittent electrical fault.

After starting first turn of the ignition key and running for 30+ minutes

with numerous stops and perfect restarts I would turn the key to restart

only to find complete loss of voltage to instruments and starter motor. The

first time this happened I put it down to a slightly loose battery

connection but the second time was soon after the motor's 50 hour service.

Needless to say the terminal connections were jammed tight. On both

occasions I tried the key again after 5 to 10 minutes and inexplicably full

voltage was restored without any action on my part.

The first time I was 2 miles offshore. The second time I had my 10 year old

grandson on board for the first time and we had a breeze blowing us towards

a sandbank with breaking waves.

Up to know I have had complete faith in Yamaha products so I don't have a

second motor. To say that the incidents were disturbing is a gross

understatement. I'm not willing to risk a permanent loss of voltage which

conceivably might occur next time.

On both occasions the remote control lever was in neutral. Connections to

the battery terminals and all motor connections are fully tight.

The battery indicator shows fully charged.

Would anyone please be able to throw any light on the problem. I don't feel confident

to dismantle the remote control unit to check the electrical connections or

the ignition switch.

Many thanks,


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Sorry can't give you a solution

But my brother own a 100 hp 4 stroke on his 5.3 cuddy quiny And she played up on the first start in the winter he'd trim her down go for the ignition and nothing

Give it a minute and power would be restored and she wouldn't do it again All-day

Replaced the batt had a look over the wiring for nothing had the boat serviced 3 months ago and to my knowledge hasn't played up

I have put a post up for a mobile me-ch on this site and others give him a chirp Brett 0407954834 2 of my mates have used him think his the Ants pans

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