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Furuno Chartplotter

Dollie boy

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Thanks for the info, will take it on board when making my final decision. Beleive me i would love to buy it here in Australia but the saving of a bit more than $1000 Aud would be a great start to a set of out riggers for my boat . Thanks again


quote name=TelcoBroker' date='Jan 17 2006, 09:08 AM' post='83503]

I think most people on this site would prefer you shop at you local supplier but in reality if there is a massive difference in price I think most would certainly (secretly) pay the freight and try and slip it past customs without paying duty.

I bought a Garmin GPS Map60CS from the states and saved about 40% on the purchase price (and that was including 7 day delivery to my door) - and I would most certainly do it again for that kind of saving.

The things I would consider before buying from an international supplier:

1. Does the unit come standard with various units of measurement (metric, imperial and nautical) - some stuff from the USA doesn't come with metric which is OK for the oldies but not so good if you have youngsters on the boat with you who can't really read your instruments.

2. Does the item come with an international warranty and can you have it serviced locally. Should you have problems with the unit you may find that you spend all the money you saved by buying internationally on freight back to the international supplier so the unit can be serviced or repaired under warranty.

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