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Rock fishing for luderick and drummer

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I spent an enjoyable morning chasing luderick and drummer off the rocks. We arrived at low tide and struggled to get a bite for the first few hours of the run-in, but once the waves started crashing over the rock ledges and dislodging bits of green weed, the fish came on the bite.

The run of luderick were larger than usual, and those caught over the sand were a beautiful light silver colour. I managed a decent drummer in amongst them as a bonus. They are one of my favourite fish to eat. Anyone who has caught a drummer knows how hard they pull and what dirty fighters they are. If you're not ready for the strike they'll have you under a ledge before you know it.

I really enjoyed the session - rock fishing was where it all started for me many moons ago. All of the wrinkles around my eyes were caused by squinting into the rising sun trying to keep track of my float!

I let most of my fish go nowadays, but I do enjoy going out to catch a feed of fresh fish for the family.

Here's a video I put together of the highlights from this morning...I hope you enjoy it.

Tight lines!





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