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Hi everyone

This is my first post on here but have enjoyed reading lot of your posts. I am thinking of taking the boat out to the hawksbury saturday afternoon and stay over night and do a bit of night time fishing. Anyone know what the fishing is like there after the rain,,,,, or am i wasting my time?

Appreciate any reply's

Greg :biggrin2:

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hi there greg & :1welcomeani: to this great site

here is a few spots

1 is gunyah pt good for jew

2hungry beach not a bad spot for flathead and bream

3little shark rock this is going into cowan creek and jerusalem bay jews +bream top place for night fishing

4wagstaffe beach this time of year it firer up :thumbup::thumbup:

good luck on fishing :beersmile:

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I would concerntrate my efforts this weekend around the lower reaches as the murky fresh water seems to move all fish that way places like flint and steel, west head,and Cowan seems to stay cleaner than the main river,driting around patonga can also really fire in these conditions.Good luck hope these spots help out

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