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Best Hard Body And Soft Plastic Lures


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Donna and I use sx40s and smiling jacks for most of our bream and bass fishing with hardbods .For the plastics we use 1 inch nymphs in olive green and 5 inch jerk shads for jews and flatties .Surface lures include the river to the sea cicadas and taylor made surface breakers .We have just started using lipless crankbaits for bass and Eps and they seem to be a very good fish attracting lure with all the noise they make.

Cheers Swordfisherman

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Hardbody lures for bream - SX40 and Attacks, never really target flatties, tend to get them as bycatch when fishing for bream and jews, they'll eat just about anything. Last one I caught was on a Jackall TN60, while test casting a bass rod! For bream on soft plastics, any of the Berkley range, but the most popular is generally the 3" Bass minnow in pumpkinseed, smelt or pearl watermelon. The Berkley Gulp sandworms and minnows are good too. Another old fave for me is the Ecogear Tank.



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