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Here They Come


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hey hi to all ive just become a new member and now i can share my experiances with all. my first topic will be at the end of Australia Day. hoping to catch a few kingies . :thumbup: tight lines all

:1welcomeani: to the site Jonno ,hope you brain em on that day and look forward to your posts :thumbup:

Cheers Swordfisherman

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G'day Jonno and :1welcomeani: to FishRaider.

There have been some excellent reports posted recently of Kings down Sydney way. Hopefully you'll be able to add another report to the list. Best of luck with it mate. :thumbup:



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Welcome to the site mate!

Good luck with the kingies they are certainly out there. :yahoo:


My tackle box is decidedly lighter from this mornings effort on the buggers!!! :074:

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