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Middle Harbour Kingfish


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What a relief...the weather is brilliant!! Got to the ramp at 4:45 and went straight up to Sugarloaf for a look, not much on the surface, decided to troll some sluggo's and a rapala cd-9. 2nd pass on the northern point of the bay I was on!!! :yahoo: It was a nice 60cm Kingie (on a white 6in sluggo) and tested my light gear, my mate had that many rats trying to climb onto his sluggo but just could not hook up - bit of a laugh!! It was a short trip and back in by 8:00. Had another good run and a tailor take the bum off my sluggo. Dean Hayes was out and had one of his clients get on at the same school as the one we got ours - other than that there was no boat traffic. Great morning!

Tight lines!



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Well done mate, the last time I was out with Brian I got blown away by a kingfish on a 6 inch slugo that was cast into the wash and allowed to sink down it was awsome. When you rig slugoes with a 1\4 ounce jig head the tale seem to work alot better.

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