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Advice For Land Stuck Fisherman


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Hi guys,

Im from Perth, over for 2 months and boy id give anything for WA to have a site as cool and informative as this. Just doesnt have the population for it I guess. Have learnt oodles from this site already, not least that everyone wants to bag the same thing as me, Kingies!!! Have to get one before I get back or ill not live it down. Problem is im boatless and transport is limited. Good news is im staying at Dolls Point/ San Sousi. Any advice on where I can head? Can you catch Kingies from shore? If so can they be caught on bait or is livies/lures the only way to go? Also would love to bag some Aussie salmon. Got a Perth mate who brags about his salmon expiditions (be nice to show him a photo of me bagging one :biggrin2: )

Thanks heaps for a cool site and best of luck next time you're wetting a line. :1fishing1:

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Hi Rus , :1welcomeani: to the site mate .Come on you guys who hunt the KINGEES give this bloke a trip to remember.Imagine how much PR this could potentially give this site and the good feeling of helping a fellow raider out.

Cheers Swordfisherman

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hey I know the feelin of not knowin where to fish for Kings but I`ve learnt just recently that Avoca Rocks(south end) is a good spot for land based fishin for kings,theres many rats around but the odd legals are there to be caught by the patient fisherman,must get there early it can get a little packed at times,All you need is to get there not sure bout what public transport goes that way..But if you can get there good luck..Cheers steve... :1fishing1:

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Hey rus,

Im not real good for specific locations for you but there some in the royal national park and further south,others will help, do you have a car or public transport?

Heres the recipe for a land based king.

you will need,

quick spinning reel on a decent but powerful casting rod loaded with 10 keg line

chrome lures, my choice a forty gram raider

a bait jig + some burley

a bloody strong overhead outfit

big leaders long doubles

balloons and cotton


catch a live yakka, slimey or pike

send it on the overhead under a balloon

once it co operates and goes where you want

start spinning with chrome slugs, the faster the better

spin the top and bottom water in all directions

No king will spool you but they will reef you and even rub you off by swimming back and forth under your feet

This method will also catch salmon.

Sound like hard work? It is but if you want relaxing fishing leave the kings alone. dont forget the gaff for a big one.

Kingfish legal size 60cm


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