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Just a short report today because I’m more then a little pissed off. The day stated well Brett “Tonofun” & I met up at the port botany ramp there was a nor westerly of about 10 to 15 knots buffing across the bay as we made our run to the bait grounds, while maneuvering the bait over a school of bait the steering comes astray :1yikes: , one moment there was steering then nothing, managed to get the boat away from the container wall & get the anchor deployed before drifting into the shipping lane. Garry “Buster1” came along & offered assistance but there wasn’t much he could other then tow us back to the ramp but figuring we were out there any way we may as well have a fish. Jury rigging a tiller with some rope & a paddle we limped over to molineaux point, anchoring up and getting a burly trail going in the hope of a few blurters & maybe a king, we had no livies so we rigged some lightly weighted baits in the trail & nailed a good trevally of about a kilo then nothing for the next 3 hours or so as the tide slowed we caught 3 more smaller blurters we the limped over to foreshore drive for a drift catching nothing we gave up the ghost and pulled the boat out. Ringing the place that had fitted the motor & steering they reckon the warranty is probably lapsed by now & the cost of fixing it could be as little as nothing if it’s a clip that come astray or as much as $300 plus :1badmood::1badmood: not happy jane theres only a 100 hours on it :ranting2::ranting2:



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