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First Frigate


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Well..this dosn't really compare to fishrunner's report but here goes.

Spotted some bonnito roaming around the place in the morning 6-6.15 after a few extremley rushed casts i hooked up :biggrin2: (couldnt believe my luck!) only small but hey it took some good runs , just as i got him close, lure came out bugger. :05:

anyway thing went quiet for around 2hrs till we spotted some frigates..last year we couldnt even get a hit and this year 3rd cast and BANG..i was on! :yahoo:

After an amzing fighti landed him ...i was gobsmaked at how hard these little guys go! on the initial run he would have taken about 40m (i was only using 2kg line)


not a huge fish but a memorable one.

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