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Penn Fathom 2 drag issue

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I have a new Penn Fathom II 25 NLD2 and can't get anymore that about 8lb of drag at the strike position. If I turn the drag knob further the reel then loses its free spool action. Now I know that I can contact the dealer and send it back but before I do this I was just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if so what was the fix. Could it be that the reel has not been used yet and needs to bed in? I had wondered if it was related to the amount of line on the spool hence my other posting.


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What are the drag specs supposed to be? I guess it works like most Penn reels and uses a cam to increase drag? Have you tried another new reel to make sure it’s not “normal”?

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Curiosity got the better of me so I pulled the reel apart to make sure that everythig was as it should be. All parts were as the parts diagram showed and whilst I wouldn't say that the drag was full of grease it certainly was well greased. So I cleaned off the excess grease and reassembled. This made a huge difference I can now get in excess of my drag at stirke that I require. So I would imagine that after a bit of use and the drag has bedded in there should be no more of an issue.

And yes I am very confident in overhauling reels and do quite a few for the locals so no issue there and always use the correct tools so as not to leave any tell tale marks.

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