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Mullet on lure!

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Went down to the local after putting the kids to bed for a well earned fish after a crazy day at work as I wanted to clear the old noggin.

Dead on high tide when I arrived. Flicked around a 2.5 inch zman grub for about an hour or so on a light jig head (1/20th?) without a single enquiry.

Switched over to a baitjunkie minnow 2.5 inch on a 1/8 oz in the hope of running into a flatty or soapie. Tried a variety of retrieves - slow roll, lift, dead stick, double/triple hope. After a while on the double hop I get smashed and the 2500 Freams screams and TD hyper 2 (1-2kg) buckles. 6lb leader on 4lb braid. Epic fight with multiple runs. 

Finally in the net and landed 40cm mullet! I love it when they go for the lure on light gear happens like once a year, all his mates are probably like "what r ya doing!"

I had never tried mullet before so I thought this would be my opportunity. Ikejime immediately, gutted and scaled. Filleted at home and found it quite similar to mackeral! Surprisingly good eating with just a sprinkle of salt pan fried.



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25 minutes ago, wazatherfisherman said:

Nice report! They go hard and are underrated as a sports fish. Really good when cooked in foil in the coals also

100% if only they would take lures more often, but the scarcity makes it all the more special!

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Nice mate, great fun on light gear. I hook the occasional one on a surface lure and agree with you on their eating quality. I’m lucky enough to be able to get my hands on fresh, ocean run mullet and they are as good as it gets.

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