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Brisbane Waters


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OK, here goes.....the first of hopefuly many fishing reports.

Planned to go out yesterday with a mate a couple of weeks ago, where exactly was the unkown. I have another mate who has taken me a couple of times into brisbane waters, so i thought we'd give it a shot.

With the weather the way it was on Monday, i was thinking it was going to be a fantastic day out, and at 3.00 in the morning yesterday, everything was looking good.

On our way at 4.00, my mate started telling me how he had success in te hawkesbury a couple of weeks ago on live nippers. Almost threw a spanner in the works but with the expected southerly change in the afternoon, i stuck to my guns and proceeded to the little boat ramp at Ettalong, hoping to catch the sunrise.

Got to our first spot in a few minutes and everything was great. The current wasn't too bad, no wind, a bit humid, and the first prawn (i'm still using frozen everything....that's why i call myself 'novice'...), got hammered after being in the water for around 15 seconds, and the first hook up......it was only a 20cm whiting, so he went back in.

Thinking this was going to be our day, we cracked open our first :beersmile: and didn't they go down nicely. The sun came up, and bugger me did the wind. It wasn't too long after that, that we were wondering where monday's weather went.

Time to change spots and the wind was getting worse. Time for another :beersmile: BANG BANG two lines went off, BANG another.......while my mate brought in a 28cm bream, I pulled in a leather jacket, and the third line was coming in when we had a bust-off :05:

After that it all went quiet again, so we moved. Had a peek outside up towards lion Island and over to Box Head, but thought 'bugger that', and went back inside and tried a few more spots. I pulled in another leather jacket so the kids had a meal, and my mate pulled in flatty, but at around 12cms, he wasn't breaking any records.

Decided that we'd had enough of the wind, we called it a day and were back in the car at noon, and home just after 1. Fell asleep watching the cricket.

All in all, a good day out....But i hope my choices of days gets better. 3 out of 3 days out with shitty weather.

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