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A Good Afternoon At Pittwater


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Well, I finally fixed smashed tail light on my trailer, from my last expedition. My neighbor Ty convinced me that a boat should get wet. After a boozy night last night, we decided to get the Tinny on the water for the incoming tide this afternoon. We picked up a mix of prawns, squid and pilchards at Narrabeen, and launched at Bayview.

Our first stop was south of Scotland Island in the moorings. Nothing! Not even a bite. On a whim we went around to the Eastern side, and drifted south through the moorings, fending off yachts and other boats.

We started picking up some small Snapper, all throw backs. After a few drifts, we moored to an empty yacht mooring. We started throwing in some berley every 15 minutes or so.

Ty was first on, getting snapped off to something solid. Earlier we had seen a small bait school getting hammered by something big and green. We threw a few slices at it, but got nothing. Ty then caught a nice little mackerel that we kept for bait. He then got taken again by something that bit him off. This was all on peeled prawns. I then picked up a keeper Snapper of just under a pound. Things were looking up. I was using pilchards. I changed my gear for a 1.0 long shank, to try and make retrieving easily from the undersized fish. The bites stopped straight away. Changed back to a 2.0 bait holder (red). The bites were back. 3 keeper Bream followed.

At about 4.25pm I called last baits. I dropped my gear over (small bean sinker on a running trace, with a 12lb leader and 8lb main line with 2.0 bait holder). I had some squid on the hook. Bang! 10-15 minutes later we were trying to work out how to get a decent lizard on the boat. I had forgotten the net! Thank god for esky lids. Anyway, after some messing around, we had a nice 6-7lb flathead on the boat. And that’s how the day ended.

We were fishing about 50 – 60m off a boatshed, with the name “Valhalla” painted on it. A fun afternoon of fishing was had by all. Most boats came in empty, so we were quite happy with the arvo. Ty also got a nice mackerel, on a prawn of all things. I also kept a Blue Swimmer that got itself tangled in my line.

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