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Harbour Jaunt


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Headed out with the :wife: at 5am with plans for a bit of kingy chasing around the heads, but going through middle harbour the missus was doing a bit of :puke: Nothing worse than being on a boat when you're feeling crap, so did what any loving partner would do, dropped her off back at Roseville and headed off solo. Her last words the previous night when discussing if she would come out with me were :"I never get seasick".......

Before heading out to the Heads, thought I would do a bit of sight fishing around a few bays in Roseville, as the tranquility was fantastic - no wind, dead flat water, sun coming up - awesome. Had the new spotters on and could see a whole new world under the water. If anyone has yet to get some polaroid sunnies for fishing, go get 'im, as they are absolutely amazing. Nothing like watching a fish sniff around your bait/lure and then slam it! Saw some moster trevors that unfortunately weren't interested in what I had to offer, but landed some juvenile breambos and a couple of nice leatheries.

Got bored of the small stuff so made my way out to South Head, where conditions were pretty good - 1m swell and pretty much no slop. Trolled a lap or two with some squid parrallel with the coastline but came up with zip.

Change of tactic saw me park the boat, sink a squid and flick around a sluggo, with immediate success of sorts. Something large took off on a run, with the reel making that awesome screaming sound we all love. You beauty I thought, my first King for the season about to be landed.

Fought the beast for a minute or so on the light outfit, with the anticipation building with each run. Was having a fair amount of trouble stopping this thing when I started to feel some bumps and shakes on the end of the line. A split second later, the line was slack and I was :badmood: Got the line up and the leader was a mangled, frayed mess - the bugger had ripped me round the reef to gain his freedom. Presume it was a king, as it sure ran like one.

Unfortunately that was it for the kings, only one more run on a sluggo (which didn't hook up) and that was that. Flicked around the wash a bit more and picked up a great bream which will be digested tonight (dioxins, what dioxins??), but will be heading back there Sunday to see if I can improve my luck. No Vanish leaders this time - it will be straight braid - gotta break the duck. Gettin closer.......



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