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Light Tackle Frenzy!

Guest Jewel

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PICS TO FOLLOW!!!! (Fishrunner has the camera!)

After last weeks little foray Fishrunner and I decided that round 2 was in order, with the tackle stealing kings that did us over previously!

We blasted out of a very empty Harbour at a gentlemanly 7AM into a very sloppy 1 to 1.5 meter swell (which felt a lot bigger with the slop on top) and had the first baits in the water not long after.

Being sporting and a little stubborn we perseveared with the 6kg outfits that we got knocked around on last week, additionally as we were throwing around 5" jerk baits it made casting a little easier.

The 6kg string was really red-lined as some of these fish went spastic around the boat, it was the norm for at least one of us the have the rod bent all the way to the butt and the top half in the water over the gunwhale trying to stop the kings reaching the reef not 40 feet below us. (not easy as your being tossed around the boat!) :1yikes:

This time we didnt get blown away as many times as last week, loseing less than a dozen to rub offs...... mind you a couple got away with straightened hooks on the jigs (give you an idea how hard we were pushing the 6kg!

We started proceedings with a nice bream 40cm and from then the action came thick and fast! We stopped counting after a dozen kings came aboard from 58cm (and you cant stretch em no matter how hard you try!!) to 65cm (good fun in 40 feet of water on light gear!!) We did get acouple of real little buggers at about 40cm but decieded that as the bream were bigger that the wouldnt count!! :1naughty:

The by-catch of todays king bash was more than impressive too, a couple of healthy seargent baker, a bonito, a very pretty little bluefin trevally and more than a dozen bream. The bream were really the cherry on top, as the smallest was 38cm and the largest 45cm (half of them went 40 cm or bigger!!!!!!!!) :drool:

The buggers were hard to pick from a king for the first minute of the fight as they stripped line and blasted back to the bottom!

All up a damn fine day out!!! :yahoo:

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Guest fishrunner

Here's a few pics of our day

post-647-1138349857_thumb.jpg nice bream on 5 inch minnow

post-647-1138349936_thumb.jpg post-647-1138349960_thumb.jpg

post-647-1138349985_thumb.jpg post-647-1138350016_thumb.jpg he's smiling :074:

A great day was had :1prop:


post-647-1138350243_thumb.jpg nother good bream

post-647-1138350266_thumb.jpg Were'nt sure but though small yellow spot trevally, If anyone knows for sure would be interested , :biggrin2:



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