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Nsw Red Day Community Protest

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Red Alert, Red Alert, Red Alert

NSW Community Marine Parks and “Toxic Sludge is our Grudge” Protest Rally

TUESDAY 28TH FEB 2006 at 11am to 12.30




This will be another RED DAY (wear the color RED) of Rally and Protest. If Marine Parks, sewage, water quality, toxic fish affect you, BE THERE (Recreational, Commercial and Indigenous fishers), Swimmers, Canoeists, 4WD’s, Skiers, Boaties please come along.

Your fishing spots and recreational areas are under threat of sanctuary, no-fishing, locked up, or no access, or your fish/marine resource are being contaminated by toxins, diseases and sewage throughout NSW (with no compensation anticipated and further lock-outs)

Resulting from public Marine Park Meetings at Batemans Bay and Narooma a call for a public protest and rally has resulted. Concurrently with devastating news headlines of SYDNEY HARBOUR TIM THE TOXIC BREAM, the first day of 2006 return of the NSW Parliament was nominated to voice and vent community anger.

After being told consistently that it would be at least two years away from any further Marine Parks, Premier Morris Iemma decided the ALP political agenda was in so much trouble he gave twelve days notice to his disciples to make the desperate green Marine Parks (Port Stephens and Batemans Bay) deal a real agenda and announce them. Their agenda suffers from a huge data deficiency

It is proposed to have Boats (Canoes, Bass Boats, Sailing boats, Row boats, Rubber duckies, 4WD’s, Cars, Utes, Push Bikes, Motor bikes or any fishing transport circling around the block of Parliament House displaying your placards, fishing rods etc, while a rally of speakers will be addressing the foot crowd on the steps of Parliament. Already some busloads of angry park opponents from down south have been promised and politicians are organizing to speak. (a full program is expected and will be made public and the police will be notified)

RED T SHIRTS are suggested with slogans such as front> YEMAS DILEMA IS TIM THE TOXIC BREAM or Marine Parks need Science not Politics

Back> TOXIC SLUDGE IS OUR GRUDGE 280206 or Yemas worms glow in the dark

Or other (suggestions please)-SEWAGE OR SANCTUARY

This is also a call for help securing/donating 1000 RED T SHIRTS (L,XL,XXL) and for somebody to screen print slogans/stick on slogans to them. HELP. If that fails then it is suggested for groups to organize their own RED COLOR and slogans.

Here is your chance to voice your concerns. Don’t lie down and accept getting shafted. There are NO MORE CHANCES, the State Election is in March 2007 so organize a group, busload or your friends to deliver the state government a message and see what they have to say to a crowd. Support from organizations/clubs will be welcome. Please indicate if attending.

Please contact Bob Smith for further information, 0265560338, www.thefishingparty.info, sinali@optusnet.com.au

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Consider this

Iemma a few months ago didn't have a clue about Marine Parks.

Mental Health gets media attention.

The Greens announce a backdown on their DRUGS policy.

Marine Parks Authority get 12 days notice to implement the Batemans Bay and Port Stepens Marine Park (which supposedly was 2 years away)

Iemma broadcasts a crackdown on growing high strength Drugs (Marijuana and Cannabis)

mmmmmmm This wouldn't be the deal would it. Nah that doesn't happen !!!

The opening parliamentary debate with new legislation will be interesting in the NSW Upper House. Watch this space they say, and the other states reaction or following.

Bob Smith

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Information from Kempsey

A bus (or buses) is being organised from Kempsey to take anybody interested in supporting the rally at Parliament on the 28th

The cost is $53.00 without or $68.00 with a RED SHIRT screenprinted with a slogan.

There will also be placards on board for the day.

It will leave Kempsey at 4.00am and leave Sydney no later than 1.00pm to get back.

This bus can pick up from stops down the highway if needed. Port Mac, Taree etc

Please ring Les Sharman Tackle Store (a great supporter of our cause) on 0265624240 between 8.30am and closing time at 5.00pm. Donations can also be made at the store to offset some costs

Fishing rods, fishing hats, Flags or Banners are welcome and bring your friends. If you can't come on the bus drive the fishing machine or the ute.

Bob Smith

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Hi all

News just to hand is that there will be approx 10,000 flyers handed around the Central Coast area shortly in regard to the protest rally.

I will try and post a copy when I have an electronic copy

I hope there are other interested communities around like this as NSW is likely to have a NO-FISHING flag flying and be known as the FEE STATE if they get their way.

I guess the rest is up to you

Bob Smith

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The Fishing Party

A.B.N: 76 086 236 465


11Watts Close


Ph/fax 0265 560338 0408434591

Email: sinali@optusnet.com.au


Monday, February 20, 2006


Community Marine Parks and Toxic Fish protest rally RED DAY ALERT

28th Feb at Parliament House, Macquarie St, Sydney

This rally will now be a Protest March from Hyde Park North down Macquarie St to Parliament House where speakers will address the crowd and Politicians responding. This is the first day back to Parliament for the politicians in 2006.

The traffic police have sanctioned a street march from Hyde Park rather than provoke traffic outrage with boats on vehicles. Although nobody can control who drives up Macquarie St, the community rally will have Police in control of the march. A soapbox rally will then be held in front of parliament house.

Robert Smith, The Fishing Party chairman said “we anticipate gathering in Hyde Park (north) from 10.30 am and parading down Macquarie Street at 11.00am with banners, placards, signs, flags and a few loud hailers denouncing the NSW Labor Government about taking your fishing access away with senseless, emotional and unproven sanctuary zones and Marine Parks, while not addressing the real problems of poisoned fish and the environmental degradation of our waterways through mismanagement and other major state problems”.

The protest welcomes ALL concerned fishing citizens to show support. Families, people in wheel chairs who like to fish, kids, sports fishers, charter boat operators, oyster farmers, gamefishers, commercial fishers, kayakers, boaters, indigenous fishers, tackle store owners and any business who will be affected by fishing closures and polluted waterways. Even swimmers and surfboard riders who are all facing access exclusion from their recreation and business downturn need to voice their opposition to this Labor Government Green marriage for votes.

The NSW Fishing Clubs Association, The Fishing Party, $%^&*, The Spearfishing Association and concerned Politicians will lead the march displaying their banners and placards down Macquarie St.

This is the communities chance to show and voice their concerns about the management of our marine resource. Come by bus or train or park down at the Domain.

For further information or if you want to address the rally please contact

Bob Smith on email: sinali@optusnet.com.au or phone 0265560338.

Robert Smith

TFP Chairman and appointed community rally co-ordinator

Edited by BOB_SMITH
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