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Boat Inspections


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Hi all,

Have just found this site and really enjoying browsing all the bits and pieces.

After several years caravanning I've decided it's time to take to the water!!

Just wondering if there are any people who do inspections of used boats, as I'm at the stage where i wouldn't really know what to look for??

Of course, that's after I've worked out exactly what sort of boat I want!

Thks for your help


PS I'm in Melbourne

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:1welcomeani: Clueless,

Forget boat inspections mate, just buy mine ! Its in the for sale section :1prop:

There is no easy answer with this one. Buying used can be russian roulette.

My advice to a new boatie is to buy something with some kind of warranty at least, there is nothing worse than being stuck with a dud.

What do you think you might like, maybe we can offer some advice on whats hot and whats not.


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There are a mob in Sydney who do Mobile Marine inspections

Peter (02)9889 1380

they also do them out of sydney ( not sure about melb though)

might be worth giving him a call to see if he can point you in the right direction though

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If you are looking at fibreglass boats one of the more painful issues with an older boat is rotten stringers, floors or transoms, floors are fairly easy to detect as when you are standing on the floor there will be soft spots...usually indicating some kind of rot underneath. otherwise try and get some sort of engine inspection if the hull looks reasonable.

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Thks for the thoughts guys.

Saw quite a few trailcraft boats up north, and liked the look of them, so thinking plate alloy rather than glass.

Would like to do a bit of weekend cruising as well as catching a few fish (Hopefully)!



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