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Last Holiday Mid-week Fish


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One day last week, the day it rained all morning, I headed out for my last fish of the holidays. It was raining all morning from 6 am to about 11, but in a way it was good because I'm sure it kept the number of boats out there down . Anyhow, anchored up, burleyed hard and had my best session on fly for king fish thus far. From about 7 - 12, I had boated 6 kings, 1 PB at 67cms, rest between 45 and 61 and had a few extra hook ups and one almighty bust off. As fishing goes, it was action a plenty for a while, then nothing and just about to move to another spot and there was a hookup to keep me there for a while longer. Overall, not heaps of fish, but for me that was my best session and I was very happy. he's my PB.



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Hi Sharky,

I use the 17lb Vanish, have been busted off about 3 times though, so for most kings 20lbs should be enough, you might lose a few big ones though. The ones I was busted off with was once due to knots, one due to a chaffed leader and the third to a beast of a fish that was almost at the boat.

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Hi Narra,

Very nice fish there mate!!! :thumbup:

They must have given you a fair run on fly gear... Fly fishing is a whole other world for me....

How do you find the Vanish?? I started a thread in another location but any feedback you had on it would be great.



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