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Cowan Creek - Sunday


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I ventured out for an early session up at Cowan Creek this morning. I was on the water by 6.00am and it was looking good with the tide running up. The first hour was quite with a few half hearted bumps and a couple of follows. The ever persistent leather jacket destroyed a few of my sp's as usual.

I was casting at some yauhts near Cottage Point when I noticed something working baitfish in nearer to the shore. The boils looked like big tailor. My three inch power bait got scoffed as soon as it landed and I was into a decent fish.

Several sprinting runs and headshakes down deep later and my second biggest bream was on the deck at 35cm. I spent the next hour working snags and submerged rocks along the shore line for nil. I was starting to think the "one bream curse"was going to haunt me for the third week in a row.

I came across a little bay on the eastern side of the main creek that was copping some waves from the larger boats. It was stirring up the bank and causing a clay bank to collapse into the water causing a dirty water line along the edge. I hooked up solid on my second cast and a 29cm bream was in the net after a few anxious moments when the leader became caught in some weed.

A couple of small Lizards followed pretty quickly and I saw more bream working some baitfish but they did not want to play.

Both fish fell to Olive/Watermelon 3" power baits with 1/32 ounce jig heads.

I am yet to have a really good session on the bream up at Cowan Creek, the fish seam to be scattered about and you put in a lot of casts in between. I would be interested to hear from anyone else who fishes the area who get more consistent results.


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