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Has anyone had experience with SEAKING NQL?


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Have edited my previous post from wavecraft to Seaking as I found the wavecraft cabins were bolted on instead of welded.

Used to mod the forums YEARs ago (Tef1on), took a long break from fishing due to other commitments but now I've found myself currently in market to buy an offshore fishing boat - NEW.

I've been through the obvious options of Bar Crusher and YellowFin but the SEAKING has really caught my eye due to the more family friendly feel.


Would love to know if anyone has heard of, been on or had any experience with SEAKING.. need to justify the decision to spend the amount they are asking for a 7m New with 250 mercury XS pro Motor and Trailer. Its cabin and family friendly spaces under cover and roof look great for my 2 kids, 8 & 10 and Wife & Dog too.

Boat will mainly be fished out of Port Stephens and Lake Mac/Newcastle as I'm moving there in 3 months. But there will also be QLD trips on the cards.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks Donna,

Hope all is well, Have had a solid few years of very little fishing, mainly Soccer and work, only a few off shore trips in Hawaii to talk about, got some good Yellowfin but had to pay some tax on the big one which was eaten by a big Tiger. Oh and a family day out in Hamilton Island where the kids had fun watching the huge turtles while catching some reef fish.

Now its time to semi retire so need to find myself a new boat and re-ignite some old friends to come out and bag some Marlin.

The wavecrafts look good on paper, look awesome with visuals but zero reviews online, cant even see a second hand one for sale so there's something in my mind just saying that they're too good to be true. Contacted them on FB asking for reviews but no reply.




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  • Suffer changed the title to Has anyone had experience with SEAKING NQL?

Greetings Suffer, Like everyone else I have not heard of the Seaking boats but a quick look at their website indicates they look like a Formosa or Stessl on steroids.

As a price point I would expect them to be a fair bit less than an equivalent glass boat like an Eden or Haines.

Do they make them local or have them imported from OS??!!

Hopefully we see you up at Seal Rocks in the near future.


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Thanks @Hoods

They 'proudly' build the hulls and import them from China and dont hide this, then do all the electronic fitouts in Australia... but they do have some comprehensive videos on youtube showing their building/factory process. The factory is based up in Townsville and they've been extremely open with their communication, pricing structures and build costs with even the invitation of test drives and a tour of all their boats if I fly up.

From their videos, their finishing looks great, but as there is very little in the way of information excluding from their own it's obviously a bit of a risk to put down $150k without having customer feedback - on the plus side they are a newer company, so as they are scaling as a company maybe they just dont have many boats in the water for them to be reviewed.

Honestly cant wait to be up at Seal Rocks..!


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