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Bread fishing saves me from the dreaded donut

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Grabbed some white bread (of the toast variety if you know me 😄) and went to my local wharf today for a quick hour out fishing.  Turned out to be a very good fishing session for me - felt like I was fishing in the summer again!  Nearly every time seconds after dropping my bread, I'd feel bites or bumps in the water.  What a change after having quite a tough time catching fish lately. 

I'm almost certain most of the tiny bites and bumps were yakkas, but the activity must have drawn in the bigger fish who I ended up hooking onto.  Here were some of the more notable catches amidst a lot of pinkies and smaller bream.  All released to fight another day.  Quality isn't as amazing since they're screengrabs of a video I took 🙂




Silver Trevally:






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I use fresh white bread for bait off the rocks and recently caught a lot of big bream and a couple of drummer on it. The crusts mashed up makes great burley too - and if you get hungry you can always eat some bait 😀!

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