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PB Jew on fly

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What inspired me to take up fly fishing was the dream to catch a Jew on fly, I had caught them on bait, hardbody lures and soft plastics so fly was the next challenge.

It took alot of practice casting, especially with big flies that need to be cast distance.

I found a fly that filled me with confidence to cast for Jew, the 6/0 Black Mamba rattling Fat Boy tied by Scott from Saltwater FLIES Australia. The fly is a very heavy hard fly to cast.

I fished with my 10wt Sage Salt Hd rod with the Spectrum Max 9/10 spooled with SA clear tip line which the clear tip section sinks. I constructed my leader in pieces the butt section 50lb and the tippet section 30lb wanting to put the odds in favour should I hook the fish I've dreamed of.

Lots of casts went into this capture, this was my first Jew on fly that measured 110cm and weighed 25lb caught back in 2019. I've caught quite a few since on fly but haven't been able to beat my first Jew which is still my PB.


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Just now, james Cutler said:

Now that is a fish. Well done.

Thanks mate, doesn't matter what new species I might catch deep down I'm a Jewie fisherman to my core.

I'm so glad that the minimum size was increased to 70cm and only 1 fish limit to try and look after the stocks, these days if I can release a Jew I will but also do enjoy a feed.

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